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Term 2


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We are introducing face-to-face lessons in stages. 

You will continue with ZOOM lessons in some weeks. 

You will be notified via email which week is your face-to-face lesson week. 



         For face-to-face lessons:

         We are cautiously and slowly re-opening the face-to-face lessons.

         You will only be attending  the lessons in person if you do not have any health discomforts such as sore

         throat, cough or runny nose.

          If you do have any of COVIT-19 or flu like symptoms, please switch to ZOOM lesson and have you tested.

          Lessons are at the Hornsby Studio (Thornleigh Suzuki Office is closed for private lessons)

          Upon arrival, please

                             Wash or sanitise your hands before entering the studio

                                     Keep 1.5m distance between any person (except for family members)

                                                Keep the door open (heater and a bench outside)

Thank you for your co-operation. 

 New ! Online Parents Talk Sessions

Series One

Term 2 Week 5 & 6

Series Two

Dates will be advertised

To find out the topics, dates and times click EVENTS tab at the top of  the  page

-Online Group Lesson with solo concert -

Sunday 21st June 3pm

Well done!

Term 2 ZOOM Group lessons
Saturday 18th April 11am
Sunday 19th April 11am
Sunday 7th June 3pm

Click  GROUP LESSONS tab at the top of the page for information

- Concert Info -

Can't go to any concert under the restriction?

You can 'go' to Digital Concert Hall

Also for information of our studio real time online concert

21st June Online Group lesson with Solo items

Solo performance application open
(email Takao)

Click CONCERTS tab at the top of the page


2020 Combined Group Lesson & Cello Camp

Due to COVIT-19 situation, Term 1 and 2 group events are cancelled. 

Term 3 and Term 4 event dates are temporarily held but obviously it is all depending on the health authorities recommendation and venue management's discretion.  

Please check here periodically for more information !

Studio Group Lessons are still happening online. 

Click GROUP LESSONS tab at the top of the page for information

We are exploring different ways to hold virtual group sessions and concerts. 

Please stay connected.  

The health and safety of all comes first, so we will be guided by our government's announcement. 


In the meanwhile, 

💦👏 Wash your hands ðŸ¤²ðŸš° 

 ðŸ¤œExercise physical distancing by 🤛

📏keeping at least 1.5m distance between each other📐👫

Cough/sneeze ðŸ¤§into your elbow💪🏻or into tissue ðŸ—³and discard it properly  🚮,  and sanitise your hands immediately after that

🧤Do not touch your eyes👁👀, nose👃🏻and mouth👄
before washing your hands 🤲🚰

Smiley Plays Cello SmileyCello playing emoticon Stay home 🏡and practise the cello!Cello playing emoticonSmiley Plays Cello Smiley


We are all in this together

Have yourself tested if you have any symptoms,

and stay at home if you are sick. 



♪♫In the meanwhile, enjoy watching 2019 Camp Video (Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3)

 Please email us♫♪



↓Past events↓

⭐️Mid-Year Concert⭐️
Sun 16th June 2019, Barker College

⭐️All NSW Combined Suzuki Cello Group Lesson⭐️
Sun 8th September 2019,  Barker College

⭐️Musicianship &  Cello Choir 2019⭐️
 Sunday afternoons, , PCYC Hornsby

⭐️End of Year Concert â­ï¸
Sun 8th December 2019,  Peter Duly Concert Hall, Abbotsleigh

⭐️December Cello Camp â­ï¸
Fri 13th-Sun 15th 2019 December,  The Collaroy Centre

Practice buddy

Having an advanced level teen student or as a practice buddy to help regular practice works well. 

You can bring your child to an agreed venue or have a buddy come to you.  You pay a fractionally low rate as they are students.  

The Practice Buddy can help your child's music reading, musicianship or cello practice.  I have a few advanced teen students who are suited for the task.  

If you are interested in this, please contact me by email.

Takao Mizushima 

All Suzuki Recital Day are cancelled
Event hosted by SUZUKI OFFICE

This concert opportunity is open to all Suzuki students as soloists or in groups 
who would like to play with an accompanist in a friendly and supportive environment.  
In 2020, all the recitals are cancelled.  

Digital Recital 

Suzuki Cello Institute Australia is exploring the different ideas to substitute real-time concert to digital form of student's recital.  Click CONCERTS tab above


External links 

 Suzuki Associations in the various regions

Westerna Australia: www.suzukimusicwa.com.au
South Australia: www.suzukimusicsa.org.au
New Zealand: www.suzuki.org.nz
International Suzuki Association: www.internationalsuzuki.org
Japanese Suzuki Association: http://www.suzukimethod.or.jp/e/


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