Welcome to the website for the Suzuki Cello Institute Australia Pty Ltd
- music studio of Takao Mizushima
Password page access request: suzukicelloinstitute@gmail.com

TERM 3  Private lessons 
MON July 30 -September 10  no Lesson ( 7 lessons) No September 17,24

TUE July 24 - September 18 (9 lessons) No September 25

WED July 25 - September 19 (9 lessons) No September 26

THU July 26 - September 20 (9 lessons) No September 27

FRI July 27 - September 14 (8 lessons) No September 21, 28

SAT July 28 - September 15 (8 lessons) No September 22,29

Musicianship &  Cello Choir
Thank you very much for Semester One
All welcome to this trial day!

All NSW Suzuki Cello Group Lesson
We had a record of 62 participants - thanks for coming!
Next and final one for 2018 is Sunday August 19: 10.00-12.30am
Venue Abbotsleigh School for Girls (Senior campus) Wahroonga
Group class, play-in, parents talk (TBC) and shared lunch! 

Suzuki Instrumental Recital 
September 16 (Sun)
10.00am &1.00pm
Any Level of students (Violin, Cello, Flute, Guitar) have a opportunity to perform in front of audience
The enrolment and payment details will be posted shortly

December 2017 Cello Camp videos below

2018 Camp tentative date:

December 14-16, 2018

External links 

New South Wales: www.suzukimusic.com.au 
Westerna Australia: www.suzukimusicwa.com.au
South Australia: www.suzukimusicsa.org.au
New Zealand: www.suzuki.org.nz
Japanese Suzuki Association http://www.suzukimethod.or.jp/e/

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