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2020 Term 1 Timetable

I am away for following events. 

        Cello Cogress (Japan) - Departing Tue 4th Feb (evening flight), returning Wed 12th Feb (arrival mid morning)

        Workshop (Scone) - April 1-3 (Wed - Fri) 


           February 3 to April 6 (No Lesson on February 10)                    9 Lessons


            January 28 to April 7 ( No Lesson on February 11)                    10 Lessons  (Feb 4 -  only up to 5.30pm) 

                                                                                            ( 9 Lessons if your lesson starts after 5:30pm ~ on Feb 4)


           January 29 to April 8 ( No Lesson on February 5,  April 1)        9 Lessons   (Feb 12 - After school lesson only)


           January 30  to April 9 ( No Lesson on February 6, April 2)        9 Lessons


          January 31 to March 27 ( No Lesson February 7, April 3)             8 Lessons


          February 1 to April 4 ( No Lesson February 8)                                9 Lessons


2020 December Residential Cello Camp

Fri 11 - Sun 13 December

Collaroy OR New Venue in Galston (TBC)


Please watch out for more information ! 



♪♫To see a Promotion Video (Day 1, Day 2 & Day 3), please email us♫♪

              * If you want lessons before Term 1 starts, 
please click on the tab "EXTRA & MAKEUP LESSONS" above 

2020 Term 1 will start in the *second/third week* of February
(due to overseas Cello Congress) 
**depending on your day of lesson - exact dates above**


2020 Events coming soon

Past events↓

⭐️Mid-Year Concert⭐️
Sun 16th June 2019, Barker College

⭐️All NSW Combined Suzuki Cello Group Lesson⭐️
Sun 8th September 2019,  Barker College

⭐️Musicianship &  Cello Choir 2019⭐️
 Sunday afternoons, , PCYC Hornsby

⭐️End of Year Concert ⭐️
Sun 8th December 2019,  Peter Duly Concert Hall, Abbotsleigh

⭐️December Cello Camp ⭐️
Fri 13th-Sun 15th 2019 December,  The Collaroy Centre

Practice buddy

Having an advanced level teen student or as a practice buddy to help regular practice works well. 

You can bring your child to an agreed venue or have a buddy come to you.  You pay a fractionally low rate as they are students.  

The Practice Buddy can help your child's music reading, musicianship or cello practice.  I have a few advanced teen students who are suited for the task.  

If you are interested in this, please contact me by email.

Takao Mizushima 

Next Suzuki Recital Day
TERM 1,  2020  (please keep checking) 

This concert opportunity is open to all Suzuki students as soloists or in groups 
who would like to play with an accompanist in a friendly and supportive environment.  

Enrolment via SUZUKI OFFICE


External links 

 Suzuki Associations in the various regions

Westerna Australia: www.suzukimusicwa.com.au
South Australia: www.suzukimusicsa.org.au
New Zealand: www.suzuki.org.nz
International Suzuki Association: www.internationalsuzuki.org
Japanese Suzuki Association: http://www.suzukimethod.or.jp/e/


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