2018 December Residential Camp

Fri 14 - Sun 16 December 

Collaroy Conference Centre     (images here

22 Homestead Ave, Collaroy NSW 2097

Sat: Tonalisation at 7am in Auditorium

(Click Map and Timetable below)

Day visitors:

Forecast for weekend... ⛈ rain....  🌧 
Perfect for indoor activities like a lot of CELLO planing (and violin🎻🎼)....!!!!

Please bring RAINCOAT (or umbrellas ☔️ 🌂 for parents) as we need to walk to and from cabins, seminar rooms and Auditorium.  

 ---Allergy Room Mates alert ---

There are people with serious nuts, eggs, fish and some fruits allergies. 
Please refrain from bringing in snacks / toiletries containing these items as ingredients.  

Don't forget to Bring

Music stand,  End-pin stopper & Ensemble music 

Venue map with important info here  

Timetable Click 

Afternoon Solo Concert Sat 1:30pm
Evening Solo Concert Sat 7:15pm
*We are honoured to welcome Mrs Nada Brissenden as an audience to Evening Concert. 
She, together with her late husband Harold Brissenden AO, founded and established Suzuki Association NSW 
to be such a flourishing organisation to give many families wonderful Suzuki experience. *
Final Concert & Play-Out Sunday 1pm

Admin Inquires:  suzukicelloinstitute@gmail.com 
Music Inquires:  Takao Mizushima   mizushimatakao@gmail.com
Urgent Inquires: Mami Mizushima 0414 825 260



Gavin Clark
Monica Lima
Gillian Miles 
Kenichi Mizushima
Takao Mizushima
Braxton Neate
Manasseh Oshiro
Andrew Wilson

Riri Matsuyama

Piano Accompanist 
Hikari Nakamura Ijdo (QLD)
Riri Matsuyama

You have to bring your own:
(for accommodation)
* Pillow case & bed sheets
* Towel for shower
* Toiletaries

You have to bring your own:
(for music)

* Printed ensemble music
* Cello stopper for end-pin (blackhole) 
*  music stand (clearly mark it with your name) 

   * Food & Board

For students, each with level appropriate:
   * Private lesson
   * Repertoire class 
   * Ensemble work 

For all:
   * Mass play-ins 
   * Concert 
   * Parents Talk 
   *Friendship, Fun, Memories to cherish...!!


Please click  for the Timetable in the table format


Friday 14th December 2018

5.30pm Registration (Auditorium)

6:15pm Dinner (Dining room)

7.00pm Play In (Auditorium)

Saturday 15th December 

7.00am Morning Tonalisation (Takao) (Auditorium)

8.15am Breakfast (Dining room)

9.00am Ensemble (Kenny, Andrew, Braxton, Monica) 

10.30am  Morning Tea (Dining room)

11.30am Tutorial (Kenny, Andrew, Braxton, Gillian, Monica)       

12.30pm Lunch (Dining room)

1.30pm Afternoon Concert (Auditorium)

2.30pm Private lessons 

(Common rooms 1 & 2, Seminar room, Cabins 1, 7, 12, Auditorium)

2.30pm Parents Talk  (Mami)   

6.15pm Dinner (Dining room)

7.15pm Evening Concert (Auditorium) 

8pm Jam Session (Auditorium)

Sunday 16th December

7.00am Tonalisation (Takao) (Auditorium)

8.15am Breakfast

9.00am Ensemble ( same 4 groups) 

10.30am Morning Tea

11.00am Tutorial 

12.30pm Lunch

1.00pm  to 2.00pm Final Concert and Play-Out  (Auditorium)

The Cello Ensemble in the Cello Camp

Cello Ensemble Group D

Flight of the Bumble Bee


Marriage of Figaro


The Barber of Seville




Cello Ensemble Group C

Divertimento for cello ensemble by Niso Ticciati


Cello Ensemble Group B

Battle March

Last Year Photo Gallery

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