2018 December Residential Camp

Fri 14 - Sun 16 December Collaroy Conference Centre (images here

Fee $375 (Book 1 to Book6) / $395 senior (Bk 7+)   
inclusive Boarding, Meals & Snacks,Tuition Fee, Accompaniment fee

                 *Additional each student in the same family gets $15 discount

Adult guardian & Non-participating high schoolers (and above)  $205 

Non-participating child up to Year 6 $185 

 *Additional each non-participant in the same family gets $15 discount



* Monica Lima
*Kenichi Mizushima
*Takao Mizushima
*Braxton Neate
* Andrew Wilson


*Riri Matsuyama

   * Food & Board
For students, each with level appropriate:
   * Private lesson
   * Repertoire class 
   * Ensemble work 
For all:
   * Mass play-ins 
   * Concert 
   * Parents Talk 
   *Friendship and Fun!

Draft Timetable

Friday 14th

          5.00 pm Registration
        6.00 pm Dinner
        7.00pm Play In ( All together)

Saturday 15th

       Private Lesson
       Practice Time

Sunday 16th



      1.00pm Final Concert
      2.00pm Out from the venue
Last Year Photo Gallery

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