2019 December Residential Camp

Fri 13 - Sun 15 December 

Collaroy Conference Centre     (images here

22 Homestead Ave, Collaroy NSW 2097

Fri: Registration starts at 5:30pm in Fairfax Auditorium

6pm Dinner (pre-ordered only)

7pm Opening Play-In (all) Fairfax Auditorium 


Sat: Tonalisation at 7am in Auditorium

 ---Allergy Room Mates alert ---

There are people with serious nuts, shellfish and some fruits allergies. 
We have anaphylactic people,  asthmatic people and people with sensory processing disorder.  
Please refrain from bringing in snacks / toiletries containing these items as ingredients.  

Don't forget to Bring

Music stand,  End-pin stopper & Ensemble music 

Venue map with important info here

Timetable click  

Students Solo Concert Sat 7:00pm
Followed by Teachers Performance 

featuring Hikari Nakamura (pf) & Kenichi Mizushima (Vc)
and other teachers
Final Concert & Play-Out Sunday 1pm

Admin Inquires:  suzukicelloinstitute@gmail.com 
Admin Inquires during the camp (after Friday 3pm) mamimizushima@gmail.com  
Music Inquires:  Takao Mizushima   mizushimatakao@gmail.com
Urgent Inquires: Mami Mizushima  0414 825 260  



Guest Cello Faculty 

Dr Richard Narroway

Suzuki Cello Faculties 

Monica Lima
Kenichi Mizushima
Takao Mizushima
Braxton Neate
Andrew Wilson


Dominique Gallery 
Riri Matsuyama

Piano Accompanist

Hikari Nakamura Ijdo
Riri Matsuyama

You have to bring your own:
(for cabin accommodation)
* Pillow case & bed sheets
* Towel for shower
* Toiletaries

You have to bring your own:
(for music)

* Printed ensemble music
* Cello stopper for end-pin (blackhole) 
*  music stand (clearly mark it with your name) 

   * Food & Board

For all students, each with level appropriate
*Opening Play-in and Closing Concert
*Play-in & Play-out (Mass play)
 * Individual lesson
  * Ensemble class

Some students applied to do
*Solo concert

For all:
*Masterclass to watch
   * Concert to listen to
   * Parents Session

   *Friendship, Fun, Memories to cherish...!!

**Long term effect of mass play (play-in & play-out) is far greater than what you can expect. 
The Suzuki Method fundamentals includes group lessons, because the learning by 
physically perceiving the musical playing in group is creating innate ability within a child, 
and it sets up the platform of ability development.  
Suzuki Method, which is the Mother Tongue Method is not possible to achieve without being 
in the group lesson environment.  

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