Group Lessons

ONLINE Group Lesson


Solo concert

Sunday 21st June 3pm

Look out for the next one


Online Parents Talk Sessions

Series One

Tuesday 26th May 12pm-1pm

Friday 29th May 1pm-2pm

Thursday 4th June 12pm-1pm

(please email Takao for a recorded version/notes if you missed it)

For the new, existing and longtime studio parents


"Suzuki Method Core Principle"

-What and why-

Things Suzuki parents need to know for the effective application

Series Two

Dates will be posted here

Please check this page periodically

Inquiry:   suzukicelloinstitute@gmail.com

Cello Choir

Cello Musicianship Group and Cello Choir will resume meeting in Term 3


Please click above tab under CELLO CHOIR for updates

Click Cello Choir


Combined Group Lesson 

We are disappointed as much as you are, to have to cancel the Combined Group Lesson in Terms 1 and 2.  

It was sad but necessary.  The health and safety comes first!  

We have the venue booked, but this will be at the school's discretion.  

Please check here periodically.  

Sunday Aug 2 (Term 3) at Barker College - To be advised 

(We consider the health situation to decide.

Venue restriction may still be in place)

However, we will continue the online studio group lessons. 

We had three group lessons already, and more will come on your way.   

 Studio parents will receive the group lesson's notice via email


Suzuki Graduation Concert 2020 

Chatswood Concourse (for Strings)

Sunday in November (TBA) 

Work on your Graduation piece recording! 


Cello Residential Camp 

This is still a possibility. We might be able to do it in December 2020 or January 2021.  We will be guided by the recommendation of the NSW Government, but protecting the health comes the top priority. Please periodically check this page for updates. 



June 21(Sun) to 27(Sat), 2020

National Cello Institute (NCI) in Claremont, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Look forward to 2021 enrolment!

If you are interested to attend, please let Takao know


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