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2019 December Cello Residential Camp

Fri 13 - Sun 15 December 

Collaroy Conference Centre     (images here

22 Homestead Ave, Collaroy NSW 2097


Residential Cello Camp 13-15 December,  2019

Suitable for 

Pre-Twinkle to Post Suzuki Repertoire

plus Suzuki alumni students welcome

Friday 6pm - Sunday 2.30pm
Collaroy Conference Centre, Collaroy 

for Pre-Twinkle to Post Book 11 to Suzuki Alumni

Friday 6pm Dinner (optional) 
7pm Opening Play-in
8pm Concert rehearsal 

Saturday 7am Tonalisation
9am till lunch time-  Tutorials & Ensemble classes
After lunch- Afternoon Concert & Masterclasses & Individual lessons
After dinner - Evening Concert &  Cello Choir item rehearsal 
Teacher's Items & Fun time & Parents sessions 

Sunday 7am Tonalisation
9am till lunch time - Tutorials & Ensemble classes
After lunch - Final Concert & Play-out

Some of the faculty on our list for 2019 includes:

(guest faculty) 
Takao Mizushima
Braxton Neate
Andrew Wilson

-New in 2019-  

Optional Masterclass (open lesson )
by  Richard Narroway

Meet Richard here 

Interested?  Please email us

-More in 2019-  

Potential violin classes* for a sibling and friends of the cellists
*Violin classes with different levels may be formed if the numbers are sufficient*
Interested?  Please email us

Enrolment Open NOW!!
Please Apply through the form below

Application is open now! 
2019 Residential Cello Camp Information
Venue: Collaroy Conference Centre
Dates: Fri 13 December (6pm) - Sun 15 December (2pm) 

Early Bird Fee listed below closes on Tue 8th October at 9am 

Early Bird Grace Time is being applied until it expires 

STUDENT FEE (tuition & board & meal) 
Student $380 (Book 1 to Book6)
/ $400 senior (Bk 7+)  
Second student in the same family receives $15 discount
Third student onward in the same family receives $10 discount per each additional student

NON-STUDENT FEE (board & meal) 
Adult guardian & Non-participating high schoolers (and above) $205 
Non-participating child up to Year 6 $185
Second person (not a student) in the same family receives $15 discount 
Third person (not a student) onward in the same family receives $10 discount per veach additional family member

<Included in the fee are...>
Accommodation: 6 beds or 8 beds cabin room. All cabin rooms have private shower and toilet. Each bed has pillow, mattress and blanket / doona (but no pillowcase, bedsheets nor Doona cover) 
Meals: Friday - Supper
Saturday- Breakfast, Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon tea, Dinner, Supper 
Sunday - Breakfast, Morning tea, Lunch
Tuition: Play-in, Tonalisation, Tutorial, Ensemble, Individual Lesson, Concert, Play-out 
Optional Solo concert (junior afternoon concert / senior evening concert) by application. 
If accepted, a rehearsal time with a piano accompanist will be allocated

<Not provided >
You need to bring your own pillowcase, bedsheets and doona cover as well as towels and toiletries 

Friday dinner - $18 per person
Masterclass* - $60/ Half Hour OR $110/Hour for campers 
                      - $80/ Half Hour OR $150 /Hour for non-campers (Visiting for Masterclass only)
*Masterclass is an open lesson. A student receives one-on-one tuition by Dr Richard Narroway in a public setting. The audience will watch the lesson.  

Throughout the camp, the photos and video are taken for education purpose. By enrolling to the camp, you agree to give permission for such purpose.    Detailed Media release form to be signed.  

Your children are of your responsibility. By enrolling to the camp, you agree to be legally liable for your own child/ren. Detailed Indemnity form to be signed.  Please download the form from the link below.  

Please answer every question to fill out form in the link below to enrol. You will receive a payment instruction within 48 hours of submitting the form. Admin team is in the air travel right now so please accept our apology in advance for delayed response.   

Enrolment is complete once the payment is received by us.  
We also ask you to complete
 Media release permission and Indemnity form prior to coming to the camp.  
              Please download Permission Form  here. 
                                 Fillable form here (please download to PDF for filling the form)
Thank you!

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                                         Term 3 & 4  Events

 1. Musicianship Classes & The Cello Choir  PCYC Waitara (check Cello Choir page from the drop-down above)

  2. Combined Cello Group Lesson -- Sunday September 8,     10am-1:30pm   
                     Barker College       

                         THANK YOU  for 64  enrolees!  Next one will be in Term 1, 2020

 3. Graduation senior item rehearsal  -- as per individual communication from the Suzuki office / Takao

 4. Suzuki Student Recital -- Possible Term 4 date to be announced  TBC

 5. End of Year Concert -- Dec 8 Abbotsleigh Peter Duly Hall - More info later
                                                         -- Morning Reh + afternoon concert (finished by 5pm at the latest) 

 6. Collaroy Residential Camp Dec 13-15  Enrolment link coming this week                                                                                                                    
Term 1 Events
1. The Cello Choir & Musicianship classes  PCYC Waitara --  (check Cello Choir page from the drop-down above)
2.Suzuki Strings and Flute Recital -- Suzuki Music Institute , Thornleigh
3. Combined Cello Group Lesson -- March 24 Abbotsleigh                                            
4. Sydney Suzuki Festival , Abbotsleigh Senior School, Wahroonga-- April 13 to 15 -  Special Invited Faculty for the Cello  Rodney Farrar (USA)

Term 2 Events
1. The Cello Choir  PCYC Waitara (check Cello Choir page from the drop-down above)
2. Suzuki Student Recital  (Strings and Flute)  -- Sun 26th May, Suzuki Music Institute , Thornleigh.  - Apply through Suzuki Office
3. Dubbo Residential String Workshop --  Queen's Birthday Long Weekend   Apply through Suzuki website
4. Mid Year Concert -- June 16 Barker College -- 11am rehearsal, 2pm concert
5. National Cello Institute (Los Angeles) June 23-28, 2019 --inquire Takao if you are interested

Term 3 Events
1. Musicianship Class & The Cello Choir  PCYC Waitara (check Cello Choir page from the drop-down above)
2. Suzuki Student Recital  (Strings and Flute)  -- Sun 25th August, Suzuki Music Institute , Thornleigh.  - Apply through Suzuki Office

Suzuki Graduation Concert 2018
The Record number of cello graduates in 2018. 

Please mark your calendar

Sun 3rd November for 2019 Sydney Opera House Graduation Concert
(last one at SOH due to renovation until further notice) 

Advance level students - check the special item rehearsal dates


Mizushima Studio End of Year Concert

Sunday 8th December 

Peter Duly Concert Hall, Abbotsleigh Senior School


National Cello Institute (NCI) in Claremont, Los Angeles, CA, USA

June 23(Sun) to 28(Fri), 2019


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