Please fill in the form below for extra lessons.

(lessons will be the combination of ZOOM and face-to-face from July holiday)


      JULY 6 Mon      9AM - 5PM  

                                         9.30-10.00 Fe.Wu

                                        10.00 -10.30 Eg.Ch

                                         10.30-11.00am Et.T 

                                         2.00-2.30pm Jo.Le

                                         3-3.45pm Le.S. 45

      JULY 7 Tue        9AM - 5PM

                                        9.00-9.45am A.G

                                        10.00-10.20 Ru.Ha

                                        11.00-11.20 Te.Ha

                                       2.00-3.00 Yo.Zh

                             3.00- 4.30pm An.Ki.K

                                        4.30-5.00pm Aly.S

      JULY 9 Thu       9AM - 5PM

                                        10.00-10.20 Mi.Kr

                                       10.30-11.00am Et.T

                                        11.00-11.30am Ch.Y

      JULY 10 Fri        9AM - 5PM

                                      9.30-10.00am Jo.Ku

                                      10.30-11.30am He.H

           11.30-12.00 Red 

      JULY 1 3 Mon    9AM - 5PM 

                                       9.00-9.45am Ad.G

                                       10.00-10.30am Ed.Ch

                                       10.30-11.00am Et.T

                                       11.00 - 11.30am, Ma.S

                                        2.00 -3.00pm Kl.Ch

      JULY 14 Tue      9AM - 5PM

           9.30-10.00am Fe.Wu

                                     10.30-12.00pm An.Ki.K

                                       4.30 - 5.00 Aly.S  

      JULY 16 Thu      9AM - 5PM

                                      9.30-10.00 Jo.Ku

                                     10.00- 10.20 Mi.Kr

                                     10.30-11.30am He.H

                                       11.30 -12.00pm Ch.Y

                                       3.00-4.00pm Y.Z



ALL EXTRA LESSON FEE needs to be paid on the day (or a specific bank transfer information will be emailed) 

                                            ( If you cancel on the day you still need to pay full fee)

To request an extra lesson, please fill in the form below


Practice buddy & School Help

Having an advanced level teen student as a practice buddy to help regular practice works well. 

You can bring your child to an agreed venue or have a buddy come to you. You pay a fractionally low rate, as practice buddies  are still students.  

 [Sessions are online since the end of March 2020]                                                                                                         --------------Update: As of June, the most practice sessions commenced for face-to-face----------------

The Practice Buddy can help your child's music reading, musicianship or cello practice.  I have a few advanced teen students who are suited for the task.  

If you are interested in this, please contact me by email

Takao Mizushima


      *Buddy's help available for cello, music theory 

                                                        and some school subjects*


* July School Holiday Extra Lesson Requests: Please use this form to request. *

Duration of the lesson request

If you do not receive an acknowledgment email from Suzuki Cello Institute within 24 hours, please email   to confirm.  Thank you


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