Gold Coast Cello Camp Timetable

Sat 26 - Sun 27 January 2019

(for both Saturday & Sunday)

~ Pick up yours from registration desk in Room 2.1 ~

Venue: Robina Community Centre

196 Robina Town Centre Drive, corner San Antonio Court
Robina, QLD

White & Green building opposite Auditorium, next to Anglican Church (modern building)


Takao Mizushima (cello)

Silvia Li (cello)

Mami Mizushima (parent talks)

January 26 (Sat)

  9.00am           Registration at Robina Community Centre 1st floor (Level 2) - come to room 2.1
  9.15am              Play- In 
  10.00am          Morning  Tea (please bring your own) 
  10.30am         Cello Ensemble  (please bring a music stand and a pencil)
          Junior (Book 1-3)
          Senior (Book 5 and above)
                           Private Lessons and solo performance with CD accompaniment
  12.30                 Lunch Time (please bring your own)
  1.30pm          Private Lessons and solo performance with CD accompaniment
  2.30pm         Afternoon Tea (please bring your own)
  3.00pm        Tutorial and Parents Talk (parent talk in room 2.1)
            Junior (Book 1-3)
           Senior (Book 5 and above)           
   4.00pm.      Finish
 * Watch Australia Day Fireworks (7:45-8pm) with street food at Broadwater Parklands *. (info below)
January 27 (Sun)

   9.00am Tutorial (Junior and Senior)
   10.00am Morning Tea (please bring your own)
   10.30am Cello Ensemble (please bring a music stand) 
   11.30am  Private Lesson and performance
   12.30pm Lunch (please bring your own)
  1.30pm Private Lessons and Concert (duet) 
  2.30pm Afternoon Tea (please bring your own)
  3.00pm Play-Out 
  4.00pm Finish

  Information about Australia Day Fireworks on Saturday 26th
    Australia Day Celebrations on 26 January at Broadwater Parklands. Headlined by Mason Rack Band and featuring a food truck feast and spectacular    
   fireworks displays. 4pm-8pm
   Fireworks at 7:45pm-8pm at Broadwater Parklands.
   Catch G Link    OR   car parks in Southport is free on 26th (There will be no parking available at Broadwater Parklands on the day. However, Southport is exempt     
   from parking charges on public holidays. Parking areas close to Broadwater Parklands include Cloyne Road (Marshall Lane), Mal Burke Car Park and Carey Car Park.)

Don't forget to Bring

Music stand,  End-pin stopper & Ensemble music 

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