Group Lesson

Our second combined group lesson this year was on 19th August.  

Over 100 people of students and parents combined across several Suzuki cello

 studios have made an awesome cello playing and yummy food day!  

We are anticipating another one in 2019, 

please regularly check for the next Combined Group Class. 

Thank you to the Tutors for the Group Lesson

(19th August 2018)

Fran Firth

Gillian Miles

Kenny Mizushima

Takao Mizushima

Braxton Neate

Manasseh Oshiro

Luda Tees


10.00am to 10.20am Play-In (All)  Peter Duly Concert Hall

10.30am to 11:15am  
Tutorial, Repetoire Class 

11:20am to 12.00pm  Tutorial, Repetoire Class 

11:25am to 11:55am  Parent Talk

12.05pm to 12.30pm Play-Out (All) Peter Duly Concert Hall

12.30-1pm Shared Lunch,   Old Gym


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