2020 Second Half ♫ 

Face-to-face in Term 3

Sunday Aug 2 - Sun Sep 20

PCYC Hornsby

12.45pm Cello Musicianship
1.45pm Cello Choir

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What is Cello Choir?
Information at the bottom of the page

Semester One Half-Yearly Cello Choir Concert video
Email 'Half Yearly Cello Choir Concert video' in the title

2020 Term Three information

The Venue- PCYC* (ZOOM available) 

New time - 12.45pm start to finish by 3.45pm

*depending on the situation, some rehearsals may run on ZOOM

Information regarding reintroduction of in-person sessions will be posted here

Term 3 Dates
(Two extra sessions)

#1.  Aug 2
#2.  Aug 16
#3.  Aug 30 (ZOOM)
#4.  Sep 6
#5.  Sep 13
#6.  Sep 20

    Please inquire about payment of the fee


12.45 - 1.30pm  Cello Musicianship Class 
                         - the classes are useful for understanding the music as whole to utilise the knowledge for cello playing
                                    - It covers the aspect of AMEB syllabus but it extends from it 

1.45 - 2.45pm  Junior Choir
                         Senior Choir 

2.45 - 3.45pm Intermediate Choir 
                        Senior Choir

       🌟 Usually, the Cello Choir practices culminates to the Half-Yearly and End-of-Year Concert🌟
 🌟This year, we will be guided by the large gathering restriction🌟
Half-yearly concert was online remote concert

Musicianship class
Examples of study contents: 
  Areas of study as below in interactive and inclusive manner

      Solfège - solfa syllable singing
       Rhythm syllable singing 
       Ear training 
       Music theory
  Six Concepts of music (lined up with NSW HSC syllabus), 
      Composer study ( Interconnected with world history & geography)
      Instruments study and more 
                                        (Syllabus available upon request) 

Let's be COVID safe  

For face-to-face rehearsals, please bring your OWN music stand, music folder, pencil, eraser, drink and snack. 
1 person per 4 sqm. in each room & 1.5m social distancing

We take your temperature, provide alcohol wipe and hand sanitiser. 

Some sessions may run online according to the situation.

For online ensemble sessions, you need a stable internet connection and a decent device for ZOOM. 
A good quality headphone may be helpful. 

 👍 Sessions are open for current, returning and

 new members - join for a FREE trial session 👍

Please scroll down for enrolment form ↓



What is the Cello Choir?

An orchestra made up exclusively of cellos, offering the opportunity to learn ensemble works and foster musical experience through social setting.  

What does the Cello Musicianship class do?

These classes are for the cello players specific. While all the musicians need the common musical knowledge across the board, we focus on useful and functional cello playing related knowledge. 

As well, your child will learn broad music general knowledge through the course of learning. 

Please see below for specific contents. 


Cello Choir and/or Musicianship class enrolment

I apply for; (tick both if you do both)

Student's school year

Current Suzuki Book Level

As I enrol my child(ren), I agree to the following:

Payment will be by

By enrol my child/ren, I agree to adhere to COVID safe policy as below


2019 Semester 1 Dates (Term 1 & Term 2) 

The Venue-  PCYC in Waitara 

                    ←  (Address is Park Ln BUT carpark entry is from Park Ave)

All sessions are on Sundays. 

Time is 2pm for Musicianship, 3-4pm for Junior Cello Choir, 3-5pm for Senior Cello Choir

------ Term 1 ------

1. February 10 at PCYC  Waitara (Free Undercover Carpark entry from Park Avenue, Waitara)

2. February 24 at PCYC   Waitara (Free Undercover Carpark entry from Park Avenue, Waitara)

3. March 10 at Suzuki Office in Thornleigh  (due to Suzuki Students Recital run by tutors at the Office)

4. March 24 at PCYC   Waitara (Combined Group Lesson in the morning at Abbotsleigh)

5. Apr 7th at PCYC Waitara (Free Undercover Carpark entry from Park Avenue, Waitara)


 March 31 is now changed to Apr 7th                   

------ Term 2 --------

6. May 12 at PCYC - Special treat for all the mothers in attendance

7. May 19 at PCYC -  Junior choir: Braxton, Senior choir: Sada-sensei 

                                    (Takao will be at Kenny's quartet concert. See the tab under "Event") 

8. June 2 at PCYC   

9. June 16 Concert  Barker College (11am Rehearsal, 2pm Concert)  

Mid Year Concert - 
Sunday 16th June at Barker College Recital Hall

Bring a plate of food for a shared lunch

Jingle Bell Rock 

(composed by J. Beal, J. Boothe & J.R.Boothe 1957)

2016 end of year concert of Suzuki Cello Institute 

Sun 4th December 2016

Assembly Hall, Abbotsleigh Senior School 

Junior Cello Choir performance

2016 end of year concert of Suzuki Cello Institute 

Sun 4th December 2016

Assembly Hall, Abbotsleigh Senior School 


Suzuki Cello Choir Concert

Sun 29th November 2015, Leslie Hall, Barker College

Gute Nacht by J.S.Bach, Kick Start by J.Nottle 

Kickstart play score.mp3

The Cello Choir Concert

June 14 (Sun) 2015, Thornleigh Community Centre 


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