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 End of Year Combined Concert


2023 Term 4 Lessons

will finish on Friday Dec 8

Core lessons:  Private & Group lessons

The dates for holiday Extra lessons will be offered soon

Term 4: Monday October 23 to Friday December 8

If you or your child is unwell, ZOOM option is available. 

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                                            The end of Year Studio Concert

Joint Concert with some cello studios, Haruo Goto (vn) & Suzuki organ studios

                                                                                                     December 9 (Sat -all day)

                                            Turramurra Uniting Church                                          


 Last days to enrol

Detailed information

2024 January 2-5 Tue - Fri 

Suzuki Residential Camp

for Cello, Violin & Viola & flute


Collaroy Conference Centre

10am January 2nd - 3pm January 5th

(Tuesday to Friday) 




 End of Year Combined Concert

Violin, Cello & Organ

Saturday 9th December 

Turramurra Uniting Church


Join the Suzuki Association of NSW

Please visit our Suzuki NSW official website Click


Please use official Suzuki Recording as follows

Official Suzuki Cello CD (comes with the Book or buy separately)

or   Official Suzuki Cello Music download (MP3 etc)

Please DO NOT use YouTube clip of someone playing the Suzuki pieces. Those clips are not best performance for our purpose and they cause unintended influence in your child. You can see my video clip to find out positions or fingerings, although my video is not for listening. 

For listening, always use the official Suzuki CD that is recorded with an intended outcome in mind. 

Parents Talk Sessions
At the cello camp

Practice buddy

Having an advanced level teen student or as a practice buddy to help regular practice works well. 

You can bring your child to an agreed venue or have a buddy come to you.  You pay a fractionally low rate as they are students.  

The Practice Buddy can help your child's music reading, musicianship, music theory or cello practice. Practice buddy will support daily practice but not teach a new piece.   I have a few advanced teen students who are suited for the task.  

If you are interested in this, please contact me by email.

Takao Mizushima 


Suzuki Early Childhood Music Program



Weekly group experiential music lessons from zero to five years of age. Through song, chants, movement, ensemble, performance and exploring percussive instruments your child will develop musical ability, social skills and emotional awareness, nurturing an easy transition to learning an instrument.

Little Ones 0 - 2 years
Preschoolers 2 - 5 years

External links 

 Suzuki Associations in the various regions

Westerna Australia:
South Australia:
New Zealand:
International Suzuki Association:
Japanese Suzuki Association:


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