Suzuki Cello Institute Australia

First Step of Suzuki Method

1.   Listen to the CD

      *Purchase from the official site. (Alfred is an official publisher of 

       Suzuki Books & CDs outside Japan)

    *If you are purchasing from iTune Shop, ( not for a mobile phone)

     Search under "suzuki cello school"     Performed by Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi is an official and   

     updated version.  


    *Purchase Suzuki Cello Repertoire Book

     (CD comes with it if you have CD player at home) 

     If you don't have CD player, pease select the book without CD.

       Book Depository or Contact Suzuki Office

2.  Attend Suzuki activities

      Enrol in Suzuki NSW Association Festivals and Conferences

3. Attend Cello Group Lesson

      Find out the group lesson information

4. Make Suzuki Friends by;  

     coming to group lessons, camp and concerts! 

     Also come a little early for your private lesson, and stay back a little    

     to observe a lesson of a student before and after you.  


Some of 

Dr Suzuki Quotes;

'A tone has a living soul'

'Beautiful tone, beautiful heart'

 'A man is a son of his environment' 

'Potential of every child is unlimited' 

'Do not hurry, do not rest, do not give up'

'Any child will grow, depends on how you nurture him'

'A tone has a living soul that lives without a visible form'

'Any child can be developed, depending on his parent; depending on his teacher; depending on himself'

At a public concert, Dr Suzuki had the children repeat above phrase "Any child can be developed..." after him. 

After "depending on himself', he would ask children "Are you sure?"  Then the children would say "Yes, we are!"

Information about 'Graduation'

Please click Takao's Talk page above about the meaning of Suzuki Graduation.                                                        Here, you will only find a procedure about Graduation.

Please note - submission due date, concert date and venue may change from year to year

Note:  The graduates need to be current Suzuki financial members.  (contact Suzuki NSW office here)

The procedure of the graduation for each level

  1. Your teacher will tell you when you are ready to record.  (You don't initiate the process)
  2. Make the graduation recording with a teacher (not on your own unless you are told to do so)  When you record, you need to play from memory and with Suzuki accompaniment CD (not live accompaniment except for the last two levels)
  3. Submit the recording through a teacher
  4. Pay Graduation fee through a teacher (Membership payment should be made directly to Suzuki NSW office)
  5. Perform at the Graduation Concert in November (Audience will need to purchase tickets through Sydney Opera House or any other venues where the Graduation Concert takes place. The Graduates' performance fee is included in the Graduation fee)
  6. You will receive your certificate through your teacher (Certificate fee is included in the Graduation fee)

Level 1 (Book 1) Minuet No. 2 by J.S. Bach 

Level 2 (Book 2) Witches' Dance by N. Paganini 

Level 3 (Book 3) Minuet in G by L. van Beethoven 

Level 4 (Book 4) Sonata in C Major by J-B Bréval - Mvt. 1

Level 5 (Book 5) Sonata in E minor by A. Vivaldi - Mvts. 1 & 2

Level 6 (Book 6) The Swan by C. Saint-Saéns

Level 7 (Book 7) Gavotte in D by D. Popper 

Level 8 (Book 8) Elégié by G. Fauré

Level 9 (Book 9) Cello Concerto in C Major by J. Haydn - Mvt. 1

Level 10 (Book 10) Cello Concerto in Bb Major by L. Boccherini, F. Grützmacher version- entire concerto

Level 11 (beyond Book 10) Cello Concerto in A minor by C. Saint-Saéns - entire concerto

Graduation Levels for Suzuki Cello 

Bow hold & Left hand fingers 

This bow hold is for the beginners

Advanced Bow hold  

Cello Hold 

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