Suzuki Cello Institute Australia


Sunday afternoon in Hornsby
(2pm to 4pm portion is compulsory for my studio students)

Term 3
Booking opened (see the bottom of this page)
September 17 

2pmー 4pm 
(compulsory for my studio students, all studios are welcome)


Hornsby venue


All levels play-in

Afternoon Tea is BACK!

Group Lesson enrolment condition below
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All levels

Pre-Twinklers to Post Repertoire Levels

All levels playing together is a key element for the ability growth, and a wonderful experience for your child. 

Takao's studio - compulsory twice a term participation 


'The principle of ability growth by playing together' - Dr Suzuki

Remember Takao's parents' talk why your child should come 
to the group? 

Come join the group!

'Repeat what you know'
To build up a particular type of ability which Dr Suzuki talked about


Click the payment link below 
after you read agree to the conditions here

By enrolling, it is assumed that you agree to the following conditions.

1. You will stay with your child and observe the lesson in lieu with Suzuki Group lesson philosophy (email for special considerations) 
2. You are responsible for your child/ren and your belongings throughout the event, and will not hold Suzuki Cello Institute or its employee, contract workers, associates, volunteers or the venue oranisation liable. 
3. You pay set fee per student by electric transfer or cash on the day.
4. You give consent for us to take photo/video of you and your child/ren by Suzuki Cello Institute tutors and staff for promotional and educational purposes. 
5. If you or your child becomes unwell or need to self-isolate and have to switch to ZOOM, you can request $10 refund through a written communication.

COVID safe rules
 Stay home if unwell or showing symptoms (can request ZOOM link) 

I have read and agree to above condition 



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