Suzuki Cello Institute Australia


by Suzuki Cello teachers 


 CRU Galston CONFERENCE CENTRE (January 8, 2022)

General information about Solo Performance

* Choose the piece with your teacher

* You must memorise the piece (no book/music stand allowed)

*You must be able to play at the Suzuki accompaniment CD tempo

*If you need to practise properly with a piano accompanist before the concert, plesae organise it like how you would for a lesson 
(Do it before the concert, not on the same day. You need to pay the accompanist) 

*Wear concert clothes and shoes at the concert.

*If you are not sure, ASK your teacher about it.

GENERAL GUIDANCE ABOUT THE REHEARSAL (offered on the day of the concert):

 Rehearsal: Re-hears-all. It is not a lengthy practice time; it is to hear how it sounds like prior to the concert. 
Run-through:  It is literary to play through the piece for the feel of the stage. 
Sound-check:  It is to play usually the beginning part of your piece only to check the balance, 
acoustic and lighting.  

For Concert Goers!


Professional musicians' concert:   While some large companies can afford concerts with venue restriction, many groups will have to wait until the capacity restrictions are lifted.

There are some pay-per click concerts as well as paid membership-based concerts to enjoy online.  

Please purchase tickets to support musicians to continue making concerts under the current restriction. 

Students' concert:  Many venues resumed bookings for a concert, but school halls are still not open for public, and it is still difficult to hire church halls.

Please participate in as many remote concert and group play-ins, group lessons as much as possible.  
As of February 2022, we resume face to face group lessons and recitals.  Let's be COVID safe, and participate in these in-person events. Effective Suzuki learnings depends on these in-person experiences.  

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