Suzuki Cello Institute Australia

 End of Year Combined Group Concert

Violin, Cello & Organ

Saturday 9th December 

Turramurra Uniting Church

Information to click here

!!  Helpers Needed for food tables !!


Rehearsal- on the day

from 9.30am

violin & cello all levels

Group Items:  HERE



Haruo Goto (VIOLIN & VIOLA)



.. and the sibling from the different studios are welcome to join!


9th Dec 2023

Violin & Cello - morning rehearsal & 1pm concert

Organ & solos - 5pm

Link to ticket purchase


Link to solo application


For any solo recitals throughout the year -

General information about Solo Performance

* Choose the piece with your teacher

* You must memorise the piece (no book/music stand allowed unless it is a Sonata beyond Book 10 or ensemble music. All Suzuki repertoire pieces MUST be played from memory)

*You must be able to play at the Suzuki accompaniment CD tempo (Even when you use a live accompanist, you still have to be able to play at the CD tempo. Sometimes you may choose slower tempo for performance, but this is by intentional choice not because you can't play fast enough) 

*If you play pieces above Book 7 or outside the Suzuki repertoire, ask the piano accompanist if she/he wants the rehearsal BEFORE the day of the event.  Please pay the fee to the accompanist directly.  

*Regardless of the level of the piece you play, if you want or need to practise properly with a piano accompanist before the concert, please organise it like how you would for a lesson 
(Do it before the concert, not on the same day. You need to contact the accompanist, inform which studio you are from, for what you are performing and ask for a rate) 

*Organising the accompaniment (sheet music) is your responsibility.     Please ask if the accompanist has a part or you need to get one.
(Not a photocopy but the original is needed for a public concert)

*Wear concert clothes and shoes at the concert. (no casual clothes)
(Standard black-and-white concert outfit means white shirt/blouse with collar, black trousers/skirt and black business or dress shoes.  T-shirt, polo-shirt, jeans, short pants and walker/sneaker/sport shoes are not considered 'black-and-white' even if they are in black and white colour.  
The most Suzuki concerts accept colourful wear and smart casual, not formal outfit unless specified.  

*If you are not sure, ASK your teacher about it.

GENERAL GUIDANCE ABOUT THE REHEARSAL (offered on the day of the concert):

 Rehearsal: Re-hears-all. However, it is NOT a lengthy practice time; it is to hear how it sounds like prior to the concert. 
Run-through:  It is literary to play through the piece for the feel of the stage. 
Sound-check:  It is to play usually the beginning part of your piece only to check the balance, 
acoustic and lighting.  

The most rehearsal, run-though and sound-check gets you to play longer than stated above. 
However, they do it to make sure THEY are happy about it for each purpose, so if YOU want to be happy about your purpose, you need to prepare sufficiently.  

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