Suzuki Cello Institute Australia

Annual Residential Cello Camp  January 6-8, 2023

Suzuki Residential Camp for Cello & Violin
CRU Galston Gorge Camp & Conference Centre  Link

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 We also have limited beds in the shared room. Booking accepted if the gender combination matches.
We will release the rooms if there is a cancellation 

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(Terms & Conditions below)
Solo applications accepted with the name of the piece and duration  - First come, first served

Our Wonderful Teachers 

[Cello]                                              [Violin] 

Takao Mizushima                             Masaki Nakamura

Braxton Neate                                   Riri Matsuyama 

Gillian Miles                                      Jodie Li 

Monica Lima                                     Emily Glasson                          

Kenichi Mizushima                            Caroline Sweeney 

Therese O'Brien                 Kotone Hamataka                       



[Piano Accompanist]

Laura McDonald


Solo concert accompanists

Laura McDonald

Hikari Nakamura

Riri Matsuyama

Makito Mizushima

Timothy Li



Saturday & Sundaymorning start at 7am 

Please read TERMS & CONDITIONS below and enrol

Terms & Conditions

We assume you agree to the condition below as you apply your child/ren to come to the Suzuki Residential Camp for Cello and Violin.  Please read below before enrolling.  

By purchasing the ticket of the Suzuki Residential Camp for Cello and Violin, you are agreeing to the below conditions.


Music Rules
1. You must bring your own music stand, pencil and rubber.  We do not provide music stands. 
2. The cellists must bring their own end-pin stopper or donut.  
3. If your solo piece is above Book 7, or if you play a piece outside of Suzuki repertoire, you must contact one of our piano accompanists to arrange a pre-camp rehearsal as it needs.  It is your responsibility to pay to the accompanist outside the camp program the fee he/she charges.  

Legal and general rules
The person who is enrolling is legally responsible for the students enrolled under the applicant's name.
Your child/ren and his/her belonging/s is/are of your responsibility.  This means you will not drop your child and leave, but will stay throughout the camp.  You must agree that a responsible adult is to stay with your child during the camp.   The teachers are not expected nor able to take care of your child outside the classes, and the teachers are not able to take care of your child/ren's belongings. 

You agree to follow the COVID safe recommendations set out by us.
You give consent for you, your child and the accompanying members' photographs/videos /audio recordings be made in accordance with the condition stated in the Media Consent section below.

The student has no physical or emotional condition or disability that has not been disclosed to Organiser which would make participation in the classes and concerts inappropriate, inadvisable or a risk for the student, the event teachers, the parents or other participants. 

You understand that the nature of this event will mean that students are sometimes in one on one or small group contact with teachers for small group teaching. During the classes, it is possible that the physical contact can occur where correction or demonstration of musical instrument playing or related topic deems necessary, beneficial or unavoidable. In an advanced level classes, it is possible that the explanation or interpretation of the piece of music includes some adult themes.  All Suzuki registered teachers are current with Working with Children Register.

You agree to release Suzuki Cello Institute Australia Pty Ltd and the teachers who are part of Suzuki Residential camp for Cello and Violin from any loss, liability or expense arising out of or in connection with any emergency, accident, illness, injury or other consequence or event arising out of or in connection with the student’s participation in the event. 
Media Consent
Throughout the event, photographs and/or video recordings and/or audio recordings may be made. The photograph and/or video and/or audio will be used for a range of purposes, but it is principally for use in materials produced by the teachers at the camp for promotional and educational purposes.  This may include, but is not limited to, brochures, leaflets, posters, programmes, websites and other electronic media. 
Photographs and/or video recordings and/or audio recordings may be stored in any of the concert teacher’s and its volunteer person's, colleagues', employees and/or contractors’ online storage such as but not limited to private YouTube channel, Google Photo, Flickr, Cloud and Drive.
The photographs and/or video recordings and/or audio recordings may also be used and shared for educational purposes principally within the Suzuki community. 

By enrolling for Suzuki Residential Camp for Cello and Violin, it is assumed that you acknowledge the intended uses (above) and giving your permission for the photographs and/or video recordings and/or audio recordings to be reproduced. You also agree not to seek payment from any studios or the teachers who worked or is present at Suzuki Residential Camp for Cello and Violin and release the Suzuki Residential Camp and its organiser, teachers and helpers who work at the camp from any and all liability associated with the use by the Suzuki Residential Camp., or a related party, of the photographs and/or video recordings and/or audio recordings as set out in this agreement.

   Please ensure you have read and understood the condition before enrolling for the camp.  
   If you have any medical issues or concerns, please email us to the below address.  
   We will work together in effort to make this concert a memorable experience for all to enjoy. 

The access to the camp site and its cabins are outside of our control, and unfortunately an unpleasant situation can occur. We strongly recommend that students and families keep valuables and money with them at all times. 
While every appropriate precaution is taken, in an extremely rare occasion the student’s instrument may get damaged, lost or stolen. As such, we recommend that each instrument to be covered by an adequate insurance.

If you have any questions, please ask your studio teacher or email the concert co-ordinator at  
We are here to help you! 

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Booking Cancellation Policy
Cancellation due to the student contracted COVID on the day or very close to the Camp  -  Full Credit for future Suzuki Cello Institute Australia initiative events, valid until the end of 2025  (not applicable to Combined Studio events, Suzuki Association events and private lessons) 
Cancellation up to November 30, 11.59pm   - 75% refund
Cancellation up to December 5, 11.59pm - 50% refund 
Cancellation up to December 16, 11.59pm - 25% refund  

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